Ox Yoke Lodge Renovation!

Ox Yoke Lodge was the second structure built here in the 1930’s; this rustic shelter was built of logs with the ceiling, roof and siding covered with cedar bark. The picturesque shelter, complete with a native stone fireplace and rustic furniture, housed many picnics and family functions. Hanging from the center roof pitch is a large ox yoke. This was a prominent feature when viewing the shelter and gave this structure its name. Herman would design his structures, but never write down a plan; it was always in his head.

Our beloved lodge is growing more and more unstable every season, and we are looking to renovate and improve it! We are hoping some of our Ohme friends either have the knowledge or have a friend (who has a friend) that is a retired architect or grant writer. Either way, we need help to keep our beautiful historic garden alive and safe for future and returning visitors!

Please contact our Garden Director, Mike Short, if you are able to help or have any questions! 509.662.5785


Yoga at Ohme Gardens

9th Street Yoga is back at Ohme Gardens, offering yoga classes on Wednesday evenings in June, July, August, and September!!

June: One class offered Wednesdays at 5:00pm
July & August: Two classes offered on Wednesdays at 5:00pm and 6:00pm
September: One class offered Wednesdays at 5:00pm

Admission is $10, paid by cash or check at the Ohme Gardens office upon entry.

BYOM (bring your own mat)! 🙂 And props if you like to use them in class.

Questions? Email us at ohmegardens@charter.net

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Concert Ticket Pre-Sale for Season Pass Holders!!

Advance TicketsTickets for our Subaru Summer Concert Series are now available for purchase! General admission tickets (for non-Season Pass holders) are $12.00 each, and now available to purchase at any quantity for any specific concert.

If you are an Ohme Gardens Season Pass holder, tickets are now available in bulk (increments of 5) at $6.00 a ticket! These tickets are transferable, you can use them for any concert you would like and give them to whomever you choose! Purchase 10, 15, 20 tickets, all at 50% off the General Admission Price.

If you are a Season Pass holder and would not like to buy in bulk, admission is $9.00 per ticket (this is the same price you would pay at the door).

We have a fantastic lineup this year, and are so excited to bring such talented artists to the Gardens.

Questions? Call the Ohme Gardens office at 509.662.5785. Our office is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm, 7 days a week!

2013 Summer Concert Series!!

It is officially official! July 11th marks our first concert of the 2013 Subaru Summer Concert Series!

As always, we are truly grateful for the sponsors who help us put on this annual fundraiser for both the Wenatchee Valley community and out-of-town visitors.

This year’s lineup:

Thursday, July 11th: 
Scott Cossu Trio
 (Windom Hill Recording Artists

Thursday, July 18th: 
Queens of Seven Band (
Local favorite Blues and R&B)

Friday, July 26th: 
OK 2 Botay Steel Drum Band (
20+ member Steel Drum Band from Tri-Cities)

Thursday, August 1st
: Campbell Road
 (Music of Ireland & Scotland)

Thursday, August 8th: 
The Wenatchee Swingin’ Big Band

Enjoy live music from some of the area’s most entertaining performers in the lush serenity found only at Ohme Gardens! Food and beverages available for purchase by Tastebuds.

For information on advance tickets, please click here.


Share Your Story – Jim Y.


“I grew up living below Ohme Gardens, we would climb up the hill and walk around, in the winter all of the ponds were frozen and we would walk across them. I loved the lookout and overlooks. Gordon and his sons did a wonderful job of improving the plants, paths and buildings. My Brother Marc was married there, it was a beautiful ceremony.”
– Jim Younkin, Jr.

To submit your Ohme Gardens story, please email ohmegardens@charter.net (with “Share Your Story” in the subject line), or visit our Facebook page.

Share Your Story!


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Any Ohme Gardens staff member can tell you about the constant outpour of heart-warming stories visitors are telling us about their experiences in the Gardens, both recent and long ago. Mothers and daughters re-visiting with grandchildren, couples visiting on their anniversaries, couples getting … Continue reading

Extended Yoga Schedule!


Yoga in the Sunken Lawn at Ohme Gardens

Woohoo! If it was possible to high-five you right now, I would…

Our wonderful friends at 9th Street Yoga have decided to continue offering a 6pm yoga class on Wednesday evenings through the month of September! Keep getting your bliss on, even as the days become shorter.

Yes friends, summer may be coming to a close, but just think of those beautiful autumn colors heading our way! Dress in layers and bring a friend, as the number of yoga classes are limited for this season at Ohme Gardens.

As usual, to attend class, please bring $10 in cash or check to the Ohme Gardens ticket office before class. Wednesday, August 29th will be the last evening for the 7pm yoga class. Wednesday, September 26th, will be the last evening for the 6pm class.

If you would like to continue practicing with the 9th Street Yoga team, make sure to check out their studio schedule! Their home base is in the East Wenatchee Gold’s Gym, on your way up Ninth Street.

Please email ohmegardens@charter.net with any questions!

Summer Music Series: Kevin Jones Band with Brian Ohme from SumGuy

A perfect combo to wrap up our Summer Concert series and to celebrate our beloved summer has been found! It’s time to kick back, relax, and listen to the Kevin Jones Band (who are all about “Fun, not work!”) and Brian Ohme of SumGuy (“Sum basic philosophy: Life is too short to be taken seriously; mistakes lead to the unexpected, and that’s where life really happens. In other words… c’mon, let’s go!”).

Kevin Jones from the Kevin Jones Band

The Kevin Jones Band is made up of Greg Hendrickson (5&6 String Basses & Voice), Doyle Wood (Electric and Acoustic Mandolins), Doug Williams (Drums & Percussion), Kevin Jones (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Strings, & Voice), and Austin Jones (Sound mix and technical). Their music style is Roots Electric/Acoustic Rock with a touch of world tone; Rhythmic and Colorful! “Great originals and wonderfully unusual versions of cover songs. Within a show you’ll hear wonderfully crafted ballads, driving rhythm and blues, electric and acoustic stringed instruments from several countries, and great dancing music. No single show is ever exactly the same. They’ll take you on a slightly different journey every time.  Not to worry though, you’ll always end up back where you started, safe and sound.”

Brian Ohme from SumGuy

SumGuy “wants to be a musician when he grows up, but in the meantime he is content to write songs, play guitar, sing, howl, growl, grovel and laugh, and he invites you to share the experience.” His musical style is “a unique blend of original folk/rock, spoken word, and performance art, tied together in a relaxed, off-the-cuff, dyed-in-the-wool, tounge-in-cheek, over-the-top, up-close-and-personal, no-holds-barred, come-what-may, devil-may-care, nose-to-the-grindstone, head-in-the-clouds, fight-or-flight, can-do, feast-or-famine, bottom-of-the-barrel, sky’s-the-limit, never-say-die kind of way… you know, so to speak.”

Couldn’t (and wouldn’t try to) say it better myself.

So join us this Thursday, August 9th for our FINAL Subaru Summer Concert in the Gardens… and a howlin’ good time! The show starts at 6:30pm.

More information about the Subaru Summer Concert Series here!

Listen to a clip of the Kevin Jones Band performance here, performing a Smokey Robinson cover, “Tracks of My Tears”.

For a taste of Sumguy music, click here.

Summer Concert Series: OK2Botay

If you’ve been watching the Olympics this week, you’ve seen some serious talent from all over the world! This week, Ohme Gardens welcomes serious talent from Tri-Cities, returning for another year to perform at our Subaru Summer Concerts in the Gardensgive it up for the OK2Botay Steel Drum Band!

Ok2Botay means “okay to dance”! The band is made up of youths, grades 6 to 12, and has been one of Ohme’s most popular performances the last few years. The junior steel drum band is directed by Ben Legget, who also arranges and writes music for the group.

Listen to OK2Botay play at the World Beat Festival in Salem, OR.

You can watch them yourself at Ohme Gardens on Thursday, August 2nd at 6:30pm! Our friends from Tastebuds Coffee & Wine will have tasty treats and drinks for sale, and as always – Ohme Gardens passholders get discounted admission. Visit our website for more details!

More about the Tri-Cities Steel Band Association here.