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Help Us Make a Great Garden Greater!

Ohme Gardens, Wenatchee Valley’s premier attraction, is now over 80 years old.  Started in 1929 by Herman and Ruth Ohme as their private backyard, the Gardens are now a world-renowned showpiece not only for garden enthusiasts but for anyone to marvel at what hard work, determination and ingenuity can create.  Indeed, visitors from around the world come to see this oasis high up on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the Columbia River.

Of course, the Gardens are a living, growing environment that changes all the time and, like any garden, needs constant upkeep, maintenance, and repair.  For over 60 years the Ohme family, devoted their lives to their “backyard”.   We know that preserving the Gardens is critical; enhancing the Gardens is our goal.  With help from the community we hope to keep the dream alive.

Sylvan Pool - 1936

Sylvan Pool – 1936

The Gardens are owned and managed by Chelan County but not publicly funded.  Tax dollars do not support the Gardens.   As a self-supporting enterprise, the operating budget is met through admission fees, wedding & event fees, and memberships.

Now, as we approach the Gardens’ centennial we are looking for supporters to help, through:

  • Sponsorships – Become a corporate or individual sponsor, minimum donation $100, and we’ll add your name to a Tap or Scan Interactive Display or the Plant Board. Speak to the Garden Administrator, (509) 662-5785, to learn more.
  • Donations – We will add your name on the Donor Board located at the entry to the Gardens for the season, and overtime with continued donations, we will install a permanent plaque. Click to  go to our donation page.
  • Memberships – Annual Season’s passes, are not only the most economical way to visit the Gardens through out the year, the come with benefits. Learn more here.

Help us preserve and enhance this regional treasure, and simply “make a great garden greater”.

Early Spring in the Gardens

As the Gardens open on April 15 they begin their 86th season. It is hard to believe that in a mere 14 years they will reach their first century of existence. From dream to reality to maturity, the Gardens,  the inspiration of Herman and Ruth Ohme, have transformed themselves from inception to the rich, fabulous Gardens that transfix visitors on a daily basis.

Most octogenarians that we know are certainly starting to wind down enjoying the twilight years of life – not so the Gardens.  Below, you will see the view from the Lower lawns looking down towards the Columbia River.  The hillside is full of a wide variety of flowers to keep the bloom alive throughout a majority of the season.  today2

Balance in All Things

balanceinallthingsCorbin Schmidt recently completed yoga teacher training through iLa Yoga Studio and began preparing to launch a career in California with some well known yoga studios.
When we were planning his photo shoot and discussing the most beautiful places in Wenatchee, of course we were drawn to the natural beauty of the desert, but Ohme Gardens stands out as one of the most beautiful places in the greater Wenatchee Valley. The space is so dynamic; with hand-built stone stairways, beautifully glimmering pools and ponds, and gorgeous light that seeps through the trees and falls to the well manicured gardens below.
Ohme is one of my favorite places in the valley not just to shoot, but to spend wandering slowly with a curious eye. There is something really magical about Ohme Gardens.
Brian Abbey, Wenatchee Valley resident, photographer and film teacher. 

Count the Koi

Ohme Gardens is a good place for kids. For them, it’s a magical place. Fairies and gnomes could be hiding around any corner. There are battles to be won, mysteries to be unraveled.

It’s also a good place to tire kids out. And to strengthen little legs that might not be able to hack a hike up Saddlerock or Sage Hills. There are plenty of benches for resting and lawns for frolicking.

counthekoiHere we try to spot all the Koi at the Enchantment Falls pool. It captured their attention for roughly 45 seconds, after which it was on to the next thing!

Ohme Summer – 2014

We will be contributing to the Ohme Gardens blog this summer. I am not in the selfie, because it is my experience that I always look like John Goodman in them, so I avoid selfies at all cost.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Being a transplant to the North Central Washington area, I first visited the Gardens about three years ago. Color me impressed – I couldn’t believe that a single family was responsible for this oasis perched on an otherwise sage-barren hill overlooking the Columbia River.
After moving to Sunnyslope, just outside Wenatchee and just down the road from the Gardens, we started to visit more regularly. So this summer when we were given the opportunity to write blog posts for the Gardens we happily accepted.
So what follows will be our thoughts and musings from one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest, Ohme Gardens. Some posts might include interesting facts or historical tidbits, or they might just be bits of famous poems the gardens remind me of.
I hope our experiences at Ohme Gardens this summer encourage you to visit and enjoy this local gem.
-Dominick Bonny